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SRDC Support

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SRDC is an expression! SRDC is a lifestyle! SRDC is a movement! SRDC is the (r)evolution!          SRDC is SURINAME!

SUREDCU is a Financial Infrastructure & Technology (FinTech) organization that has developed digital financial products such as the SRDC, thereby offering decentralized financial services that facilitate the transition from a traditional economic system, which is constrained by the boundaries and challenges of fiat currencies, towards that of a borderless system, powered by digital assets. A development that will bring hope back into the lives of all concerned people who are, among other things, limited to have their own money at their disposal via the traditional financial service providers. A movement that can restore broken dreams. SUREDCU, through its financial products and services, intends to enable people of different economic backgrounds to access decentralized financial services such as investing, borrowing, trading or exchanging money worldwide, without relying on the traditional financial service providers

SUREDCU Strongly Recommends Downloading Or Using Mercury iConex, METAMASK, TRUSTWALLET Or CoinBase Dapp For The SRDC

Before you can upload or import the SRDC cryptocurrency to your (de)centralized online cryptocurrency wallet, it is important to download one (1) of our recommended (D)apps (De)centralized Apps) here or from the "Apple Store" or the "Google Playstore". Once you have successfully downloaded your online mobile wallet, it is then very crucial to securely store the 12-word "recovery phrase" for your own security to lock your wallet. The most secure method of how you can save this at the moment is to write it down correctly and clearly offline on a piece of paper and keep it well in a place where it is very easily available to you again. Any damage or loss of your "recovery phrase" will result in the complete loss of your financial resources.

Through our official and registered contract address on the blockchain, you will be able to upload or import the SUREDCU token with the ticker SRDC to your online mobile wallet. Once you have uploaded or imported the SRDC, your "online wallet" is ready to receive, store and send the SRDC to any SRDC cryptocurrency address. Our contract address is 0xb6244cefb7dc2e42c41bf412a48baf47ca81e084. Please follow the directions below on how to successfully upload or import the SRDC.

How Do I Buy SRDC Safely, Quickly and Easily In Suriname In 5 Steps?

Follow the steps described carefully to successfully import and purchase your SRDC.

Step 1. Download your digital mobile wallet online

From the Google Playstore or Apple Store, you can download one of our recommended "Decentralized Cryptocurrency Apps" (Dapps) to your mobile device through our website free of charge, or create a Mercury iConex SRDC account here. If you have successfully downloaded your Cryptocurrency wallet, we recommend that you secure and lock your Cryptocurrency wallet by writing down the unique 12-word code generated by the Blockchain, and store it offline in a safe place. Be aware that if you lose this code, you will no longer have access to your financial resources.

To Receive, Store or Send SRDC Follow The Red Directions

Founding Partner: Anthony Roy Sporkslede

Blockchain Ambassador / Cryptopeneur 

Inflation is a form of irresponsible tax collection by legal regulators. Use the right currency for financial sovereignty!

– Anthony Sporkslede

Inflation is a form of irresponsible tax collection by legal regulators. Use the right currency for financial sovereignty!

– Anthony Sporkslede

Anthony Roy Sporkslede is a self-driven, results-oriented person and entrepreneur with almost 11 years of professional work experience. His valuable contribution is in business development, system development, finance, logistic-operations, project management and productivity segments.

Anthony is also an avid analyst, strategic thinker and a team motivator. He is also a highly skilled negotiator with deep experience in management, marketing, trade, communications and psychology.

The advantage and diversification of working in various industries has broadened Anthony's skills in business development, project management and operations. His extensive practical knowledge in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and crypto economics makes him suitable for the task at hand at SUREDCU.


Frequently Asked Questions about the SRDC or the services of SUREDCU.

What is Cryptocurrency?

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Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. Cryptocurrency is very difficult to copy or counterfeit, because of this security feature. Cryptocurrencies also use cryptography to execute transactions over the Blockchain. A defining feature of cryptocurrency, and perhaps its most talked-about feauture, is its organic and decentralized nature, meaning it is not issued by any central authority, making it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

Can you provide tutorials?

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Yes of course. All you need is a mobile or laptop with a good internet connection and you go to our "Youtube" channel, where you can find all the necessary videos about our organization and the SRDC. Once you are on our "Youtube" channel, you can select and watch your favorite tutorial videos. We offer both written and video tutorials. All free! If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I become a partner or dealer of yours?

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Yes, of course. You can register for our exclusive partnership program at "become a merchant" or "become a client". We provide the best terms for our affiliate partners and provide collaboration materials and documentation to make it easy for everyone. The documentation and materials will help any potential partner disseminate information about us through our corporate banners, handbooks, marketing materials and/or video tutorials, backgrounds and more.

Do you have a white paper?

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We have a very extensive Whitepaper. All potential investors and interested parties can view our Whitepaper on the main page of our website. A Whitepaper is an exclusive informational document issued by default by a company to highlight the features of a solution or product it offers

What is the Blockchain Technology?

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The Blockchain is the indisputable backbone of all cryptocurrencies or digital assets. Blockchains use cryptography to keep public ledgers of every transaction ever made with a particular coin or pair of coins. This provides a data structure with little or no exposure to the threat of hackers, as it is copied in blocks across all computers running the blockchain's software. Experts note that the Blockchain Technology can be used for many important applications, including, but not limited to: 1. verifying transactions, 2. maintaining immutable ledgers, 3. crowdfunding, 4. improving digital security, 5 Streamlining Identity Verification.

What is the Cryptocurrency Market?

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Bitcoin, is the first Cryptocurrency on the market with a Blockchain application and was created in 2009 by an unknown entity codenamed Satoshi Nakamoto. Currently, there are more than 11000 Cryptocurrencies worldwide, representing a market capitalization of more than $1.8 trillion USD. All cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin are called alternative or "alt" coins. Since Bitcoin was launched, numerous other "alternative coins" have entered the market, rising exponentially in value. Based on the current market, we assume that the use of cryptocurrency worldwide will only continue to rise. We are likely to see a continued spike in blockchain interest along with the continued maturation of cryptocurrency as a stock or means of payment.

What is a "recovery phrase"?

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When you start using your Metamask and/or Trustwallet, you will receive a random set of 12 words. This is also known as your "recovery phrase". It is a very important and crucial element when using a Cryptocurrency wallet and it should be kept safe and offline at all times. Your "recovery phrase" is the only backup for all crypto assets managed through your crypto wallet and can be used to restore access to them. Your 12 word sentence should be kept safe. It is vital never to store it in a computer or smartphone and never share it with anyone. It is essential and crucial that you have it written down and saved correctly. Even if the crypto wallets in question no longer exist, you can use your 12 words with another compatible decentralized crypto wallet to access your cryptocurrencies. If someone else can get their hands on your set of 12 words, they can access your cryptocurrencies. It is therefore extremely important to keep your "recovery phrase" safe.

Has the SRDC Blockchain been audited?

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The SRDC token along with the source code connecting to the ETH-ERC20 blockchain have been successfully audited for possible attacks by "hackers", errors in the code, sensitivity of the code, security and consistency. Our audit was performed by a security audit company called "Quillaudit". You can view the certificate or video of our audit on our website. A crypto or blockchain audit is, among other things, crucial and necessary for any FINTECH organization in order to improve the performance of the "smart contracts", stimulate code optimization which can result in lower transaction costs and to build trust with the community or users.