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SRDC Support

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The first legitimate Surinamese Cryptocurrency with “AAA Cyber Security Standard” status. The SRDC is built according to the ERC20 safety protocols. The SRDC is a digital multi-dimensional currency, which mainly offers Surinamese users and organizations financial and economic alternatives.



Why choose the SRDC?

At first: "Sranan Sani, Wi Sani!" Furthermore, the SRDC processes all online and digital transactions smoothly and automatically on the blockchain, despite the complexity and volume of the transaction. This allows you to focus on what really matters. Subsequently, all incoming and outgoing financial transactions performed with the SRDC are registered on the Blockchain by day, time and amount of units. Get acquainted with the added value of the first official and legitimate Suriname-based cryptocurrency and broaden your financial insight and push your boundaries in a responsible and sustainable way.

    Experience faster financial transactions

    Easy to add in (de)centralized online wallets

    Can be used for local and international transactions

    All transactions are transparent and trackable via the Blockchain

    Easy to convert to traditional FIAT Currencies

    Can be used as an investment vehicle

    Acts as a local or international payment method

    Eliminates Cross Border Fiat Exchange Rates

    Unlimited access to other cryptocurrencies and web3.0 applications

    Easy to integrate into local business systems due to Surinamese nature

The board is deeply involved in the international cryptocurrency industry and continues to look out for innovative ideas and lucrative partnerships.

The development, growth and success of the SRDC is determined, among other things, by the commitment, vision, consistency and dynamics of the management team

Sustainable applications for individuals & business owners

Provides purchasing power to all affected users

Individuals have complete freedom to purchase SRDC, through accredited and registered Crypto traders. Users of the SRDC can easily make payments and transfers via web3.0, without worrying about the impact and influence of inflation and devaluation of the traditional currencies.

Provides liquidity for involved companies or organizations

The SRDC stands for simplicity, speed and reliability. For companies, these are the ingredients to do business. Companies are welcome to digitally restart or optimize their cash flow through the SRDC, because liquid assets are the foundation of every organization.

Offers alternatives to investors or TAWAS clients

An SRDC ecosystem has been developed through partner companies to provide users with the opportunity to quickly and cheaply make investments in various digital assets. If you want to invest in the SRDC, that is also possible. You don't need a bank account or credit card at all.

Basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies |SRDC|

A "Bridge" Enabling the Transition from Status Quo to the New World Financial Order

What is cryptocurrency and what is its purpose?

Cryptocurrency is a collection of digital binary data designed to work as a medium of exchange. SRDC is the digital medium of exchange for Suriname and Lat-Am.

The first cryptocurrency in the world?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The SRDC was designed and mined on the ETH-ERC20 Blockchain in 2022.

How are cryptos purchased?

You need to choose a Surinamese crypto-exchange, open an online crypto wallet and thus you can start buying, investing, trading and making payments. Create an exchange account here.

How are cryptos cashed out?

You must choose a Surinamese crypto-exchange and transfer the desired amount online via the blockchain, so you can CASH-OUT your money. Create an exchange account here.

Connect the blockchain to the real world through the SRDC and experience a new and sustainable way of doing business in the present and for the future

SUREDCU has chosen the Ethereum Blockchain -ERC20 protocol- because it is an open-source and decentralized platform, which allows the implementation, verification and creation of "smart contracts". Smart-Contracts enable users to communicate in a reliable and digital-interactive environment. An environment where the terms of agreements perform automatic transactions between parties, when certain conditions are met.

Advantages of paying with cryptocurrencies| SRDC


Instant peer-to-peer global transactions & payments


You can take the SRDC anywhere and use it at international rates


Crypto is your personal property and offers financial independence


Make international financial transactions without a bank account and credit card


Your money is always available at any time of the day


No high bank charges for international transactions and transfers


Verified “AAA” Cyber Security Standard Status

Clients & Partners

Our clients and partners are our most valuable assets as they are committed to help integrate the SRDC with all its multi-dimensional properties into the Surinamese economy

Connect with us or become a partner

We are available 24/7 for any consultations. Feel free to send a message if you want to integrate the SRDC within your group of companies